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Signage that speaks your love language.


Seating CHARTS

Invite your guests to their seats with a stunning hand-lettered seating chart on a mirror, fabric, acrylic, wood surface or any other desired surface.


This impactful, eye-catching and functional decor is a guaranteed showstopper, known to be a talking piece long after guests have been escorted to their tables.

We have a modest collection of rentals available for our clients who book signage.

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Custom signage that sets you apart - invest in exclusivity.

With decor budgets typically around 10% of total wedding costs, it's important to allocate those funds towards something that truly showcases your personality. Faultless Inspirations is known for ensuring that your custom signage will be a beautiful and memorable addition to your wedding. As a result, we have a minimum investment of $1000 for signage. This minimum is based on a standard wedding package for 125 - 175 guests and generally covers costs for the following: a welcome sign, seating chart, up to 17 table numbers and two 8" x 10" signs such as "Wishing Well" or "In Memoriam" signage.


Custom calligraphy signage is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Let's work together to create an effortless, cohesive look that faultlessly captures your vision.


Las invitaciones son el primer vistazo de sus invitados al estilo de su evento. Desde suites personalizadas hasta semi-personalizadas, es nuestro deseo crear invitaciones con volantes impresionantes y de alta calidad. Crear la suite personalizada perfecta puede llevar de seis (6) a ocho (8) semanas.

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