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"Cindy" Brush Calligraphy Practice Sheets | Learn Brushlettering
  • "Cindy" Brush Calligraphy Practice Sheets | Learn Brushlettering


    Looking to learn a classic, yet fashionable and versatile brush calligraphy script? Look no further than our custom, "Cindy" script. Use "Cindy" to add charm to your decor, custom gifts, stationery, or signage.*





    • Practice sheets with upper and lowercase letters
    • Practice sheets with numerals
    • Red arrowed guidelines
    • Blank worksheet for additional practice





    We would LOVE to see and share your progress. Tag us on social media (IG: @Faultless_Inspirations, Facebook: FaultlessInspirations) and/or use the hashtag #InspiredtoLetter. Happy lettering!





    The PDFs are sized to print on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. To prolong the life of your brush pens/nibs, we recommend printing on a high(er) quality, smooth paper for continued practice or using tracing paper!





    JPG files will come in a zipped folder. Once you have downloaded your folder, access your iPad’s “Files” location and find your worksheets. Click the “Preview Content” then the download icon in the top right corner (box with up arrow). To import images to Procreate select “Save to File.” Go to “On My iPad,” choose your Procreate folder, and tap “Add.” Do this for each worksheet. In Procreate, select “Import” and locate your worksheets. Choose “Photo” from the Procreate home screen to open your worksheet.




    Artwork © 2020 Faultless Inspirations, Inc. All rights reserved.


    These worksheets are intended for personal use only. Please do not reproduce with the intent to distribute to others.